Mo, Castleberry ISD's Colorful Bookmobile, and Designer, Heather Lamb, are featured in Canva's 'Behind the Designs' Series

Mo, the Colorful Bookmobile, and Designer, Heather Lamb, featured in Canva's 'Behind the Designs' Series
Posted on 03/01/2023
Featured in Canva's 'Behind the Designs' Series: Mo, the Colorful Bookmobile, and Designer, Heather Lamb

Castleberry ISD is pleased to announce another milestone for the district’s colorful bookmobile named “Mo” and the designer who brought the vision to life, Heather Lamb.

Back in September, Canva, an online graphic design platform, awarded Heather Lamb, Castleberry ISD’s lead librarian, with the Australian company's first ever Incredible Innovator award during Canva Create 2022. Lamb used Canva several years ago to design the district's Mo bus wrap in a way that inspires the love of reading.

The duo was recently announced as a feature in Canva’s Behind the Designs series in an online article published February 14 titled “Celebrating 15 billion designs in Canva.” With 15 billion designs created in Canva, there’s a story behind each and every one. From unique to inspiring, impactful to ingenious, we’re constantly blown away by what you’re creating (Canva, 2023).

Castleberry ISD Lead Librarian, Heather Lamb, has been using Canva for years to encourage students to form a lifelong love for literature. Now she's pushed her creativity even further and brought a unique Canva design to life. Her colorful bookmobile, named Mo, has traveled around Texas and distributed over 7,000 books and 450 meals to the community (Canva, 2023).

Be sure to follow Canva on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and be on the lookout for when Castleberry ISD’s “Mo” and Heather Lamb are featured in the Behind the Designs series. Watch the official Books and Bytes website for Mo’s summer kick-off. The MoBus crew is gearing up for a great summer of books and bites and looking forward to filling students' brains and bellies.

Remember to keep creating, Castleberry ISD users! Every time you login to Canva and use the customized district brand kit, you are one step closer to being Canva’s next Behind the Designs feature.