Debt Obligation

Debt Obligation

Financial Services is committed to serve as a trustworthy steward for the Castleberry Independent School District and to be an advocate for excellence in the education of our students. One of the objectives of Financial Services is to foster accountability and transparency by providing financial reports and relevant information that is available in a clear and user friendly format for the taxpayers of the Castleberry community.

Note: Castleberry ISD has not had a bond election since 2010. The district does not currently have any upcoming bond elections.

Castleberry ISD: Inflation-Adjusted Tax-Supported Debt Per Capita, Fiscal 2019-2023 (2023 Dollars)

Castleberry ISD: Tax-Supported and Revenue-Supported Debt,
Fiscal 2019-2023 (in Millions)

*No Revenue Supported Debt