There are three key components necessary for school officials to project a school budget. The adopted tax rate, assessed values and student enrollment. In late April of each year, the District receives preliminary assessed home and business values from the Tarrant County Appraisal District. These values, along with student enrollment projections are used to determine projected revenue for the coming school year. The Board of Education along with school administrators work to establish guidelines to determine the future needs of the District.

There are three revenue sources used for funding Castleberry ISD. The sources are the Local, Federal and State Revenue Funds. Local Revenue are funds collected from the community through property taxes. Federal Revenue is based on specific programs set up by the federal government and administered through the Texas Education Agency (TEA) for special needs or economically disadvantaged students. The last is State Revenue which is provided by the State of Texas either through special allocations or grant money to be used for education. Presented below are the Proposed Budget, Operating Budget and the Castleberry ISD Budget Book Overview.