Tenth Grade

Sophomore Year

10th Grade College and Career Prep Timeline


  • I will start planning now for the courses I’m planning to take through my senior year.  The choices I make now affect the choices I will have then.
  • I will reexamine my Personal Graduation Plan (PGP) and renew my commitment to the pathway I have chosen for high school. 

  • I will seek volunteer opportunities and/or job-shadowing in careers that interest me.  I will add this experience to my portfolio that I started last year.

  • I will find out which careers are on the rise and identify 3 careers that interest me.  One resource that could help me is www.bigfuture.collegeboard.org. There I will find the “Exploring Careers” tab, and I can click on fields that interest me.  Another site to try is www.texascaresonline.com.

  • I will check my Grade Point Average (GPA) – Is it where I want it to be?  If not, I will do what I need to do to change it.

  • I will attend all classes regularly and avoid any disciplinary problems because not doing so can limit my ability to enroll in the advanced courses of my pathway.

  • I will prepare for the PSAT, which I will take in October, by reviewing the test format, and perhaps completing a practice test at www.collegeboard.org/psat-nmsqt/preparation. I will compare my scores to what I made on the PSAT in the 9th grade to look for areas I have improved upon or need to study more. 

  • Develop a list of at least 8-10 college choices and visit at least one of those campuses this year.  I can use the “College Apation Tracker” that I utilized in 8th grade.

  • I will discuss with my parents our plans to pay for college.  Visiting websites such as www.finaid.org  or www.fafsa.org can be helpful.  Plan ahead for SAT and/or ACT exam fees and for college application fees – they can add up!

  • I will continue taking the most rigorous coursework appropriate for me and for my goals, including OnRamps,  Advanced Placement (AP) courses and/or dual credit opportunities. 

  • I will continue to take good care of myself by making a healthy diet and exercise choices, as well as refraining from the use of drugs or alcohol.  The decisions you make today determine your tomorrows!

  • I will join on continue to be involved in extracurricular activities such as CTSO’s (Career Technical Student Organization), clubs or athletics.  School involvement is a big component of the positive high school experience.  I will also seek leadership positions in my activities.

  • I will make sure I have made my course selections in time for any deadlines I’ve been given.  I know I won’t be able to change my choices in the fall, so I’d better make sure I’ve asked for the right classes now!

Tasks For This Summer:

  • I will preview the Texas Common application by going to www.applytexas.org and opening the “Preview” for next year.  I can go to the essay tab and see what the essays are, so I can practice writing those long before it’s time for the real deal.  I will show my essays to my parents and teachers to get their feedback between now and my senior year.

  • I will take advantage of any dual credit opportunities I can, but I will make sure those credits will transfer to the colleges I am considering.  For more information on how to find that, I can ask my counselor or my Advanced Academics Coordinator.

  • I will go on a college campus tour that includes a meal in the dining hall and a visit with the department I am interested in.  I should prepare questions about what I want to know before I go.

  • I’ll consider getting a job or volunteering this summer.

  • I’ll update my resume to include any activities, awards and summer experiences.

  • I’ll take summer school courses for any credits I might be behind in, and if I need to retake any of my EOC’s, I’ll the tutorials for that and take the exam this summer.

  • I’ll complete a new career assessment to see if any new career ideas emerge since the last time I took one.  There’s a free personality inventory at www.humanmetrics.com that will give me a Meyers-Briggs code and then guide me to a list of careers that match my personality.

  • I’ll familiarize myself with www.collegeforalltexans.com and explore colleges, financial aid, and careers.

Parents and Guardians

  • I will support and participate with my child on the above goals.

  • I will review my child’s PGP with my child, and help them renew their commitment to their program of study and/or endorsement area.

    I will help my child find job-shadowing or volunteer opportunities related to their PGP. 

  • I will attend after school events as often as possible, including the CISD financial aid workshop.

  • I will visit with my child’s teachers and/or the school counselor about any academic or behavioral concerns.

  • I will help the school to prepare my child for this year’s End of Course (EOC) exams by communicating with the school about my child’s progress and monitoring his or her homework and test scores.  I will also look at the expectations for each exam which can be found on the Texas Education Agency website at www.tea.state.tx.us

  • I will visit a local college campus with my son or daughter and take a tour of the campus.

  • I will help my child maintain good attendance by getting them to school on time and promptly supplying written documentation when he or she is absent.

  • I will begin or continue planning for my child’s college education and start or continue to contribute to a savings plan by:

  • Attending a financial workshop provided at the school.

  • Visiting websites such as www.studentaid.ed.gov

  • Visit www.collegeforalltexans.com to compare college costs of attendance