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      (Only 8th-12th graders can access) 
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CISD Library of Instructional GIFs

Naming Convention: GIF_Subject_Topic_TEK

Need a topic? Search Google Drive to find a GIF.
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Sample Activities from Staff

7th Grade Math (Glenn & Mikesich) - Circle, Radius, Diameter, Area

Creating Instructional GIFs - Choose an Approach

Convert a PowerPoint to a GIF

PowerPoint to GIF

Convert a Google Slide to a GIF

Google Slides to GIF

Convert a Video or Screencast to a GIF

  1. Use an existing video or use Screen-cast-o-matic or Screencastify (Chrome) to record a short video
  2. Upload the video to a free GIF creator:
  3. Using the GIF maker, convert the short video to a .gif file and download to your computer
  4. Optional: Add text to the GIF using the Gifntext web app and create the new GIF

Add text to GIF

Upload GIF to CISD Shared Drive (Lesson Plans>01 Instructional GIFs)
Use the naming convention GIF_Subject_Topic_TEK#

The GIF can be used as an image in Google Sites, Canvas, Social Media, or anywhere an image can uploaded or inserted.