Social Media

Approved Social Media

Castleberry ISD uses social media to publish a wide variety of information to the general public. The District has authorized and approved a limited number of social media accounts to publish information related to official district and campus business. Any page or profile that does not appear in this list is not approved, endorsed, or otherwise affiliated with Castleberry ISD.

New Accounts

Staff who wish to run an official Castleberry affiliated social media profile are not permitted to create an account themselves due to the district's legal responsibility to archive all social media.

Staff interested in having a social media account for a specific department or organization within Castleberry ISD should contact the district's Communications Coordinator requesting the creation of an account.  

All official accounts are subject to review and approval by District Communications, Campus Principals, Department Directors, and District Administration.

Unapproved Accounts

Unapproved accounts and/or pages will be asked to shut down or face disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct or Employee Handbook.

Social Media Directory