Backpack Rules

Backpack Requirements

The safety of all students and staff is the top priority in Castleberry ISD. All students in Pre-K through 12th grade are required to have backpacks made of a clear or mesh material. Rolling backpacks are not permitted on CISD campuses. Any questions concerning the use of backpacks can be directed to the Director of Human Resources or the Executive Director of Educational Leadership at (817) 252-2000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will Castleberry be considering other security features like metal detectors?

Answer: CISD will always consider the safety of all students. As such, all potential safety measures will be continually evaluated and considered.

Question: Do lunch bags have to be transparent too?

Answer: Not this year.

Question: How will this apply to district provided containers like netbook bags?

Answer: We are transitioning to netbook bags that tightly fit their devices and leave little room for anything else. Rest assured, if you get a container from Castleberry you are in the clear.

Question: Will backpacks with padded backs be accepted?

Answer: No, backpacks must have a clear visibility through all dimensions excluding the bottom.

A backpack that has a clear front but opaque padded back with a large no symbol over it.
Question: Are transparent colored backpacks allowed?

Answer: No. Colored transparent backpacks are not allowed. Only fully clear backpacks

6 transparent but tinted backpacks arranged in a 3 by 2 grid. The colors from top to bottom, left to right are blue, neon green, pink, orange, purple, & black.

Question: Are Stripes allowed to be on the backpack?

Answer: No. Stripes in any location are not allowed on the backpack

4 clear backpacks in a grid. The two on the left are labelled no, and the two on the right are labeled yes. On the top left backpack there are stripes at the bottom of the backpack. On the bottom left backpack there are stripes at the top of the backpack. The two backpacks on the right are visually identical and have no stripes anywhere on the backpack.

Question: Can the backpack have colored straps?

Answer: Yes. The backpack may have colored straps.

3 backpacks with various colored straps.

Question: Are company or trademarked logos allowed on the front of the backpacks?

Answer: Small company logos are allowed, but large logos, monograms, or other visual design obstructions are not.

clear backpack with logo on the frontclear backpack with small castleberry logo on the front- acceptable

Question: Can we design or decorate the backpack? 

Answer: No. Much like with our rules on logos, designs or decorations can not hinder the ability to see inside the backpack.

Question: Can the backpack have a colored mesh

Answer: Yes. Only a solid colored mesh backpack is allowed.

red mesh backpack- acceptableBlue mesh backpack- acceptablemesh backpack with Minnie Mouse designs- unacceptable

Question: Will athletic/spirit bags and instrument cases, which are not clear, be allowed on campus?

Answer: Yes. However, these bags must be stored as soon as the student arrives at school. They must be placed in lockers or secured in Fine Arts classrooms or athletic locker rooms as designated by their instructors.

Question: Are lunch boxes permitted?

Answer: Yes. Non-clear lunch boxes are permitted to be carried within the backpacks.

Question: Are students allowed to have laptop bags in their backpack?

Answer: Yes. Only district issued laptop bags will be permitted in backpacks.

Question: What are the size specifications for the backpack?

Answer: There are no size specifications.

Question: But isn't this an invasion of privacy?

Answer: We understand the concern with the privacy of certain items contained within backpacks. Students will be permitted to carry such items in a small makeup pouch within the backpack or a small purse.