Pre-K Curriculum

What do students learn in pre-K?

Castleberry ISD follows the Texas Education Agency’s Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines. The pre-K program is enhanced with the use of the Frog Street pre-K comprehensive curriculum designed to meet the needs of diverse learners. It is a research-based curriculum that focuses on the development of early literacy and numeracy skills, as well as social and emotional development.

In addition, the curriculum and assessments are supplemented with the tools and resources provided by CLI Engage, who in 2014, partnered with the Texas Education Agency to build a digital delivery system to support early childhood programs across the state. Castleberry ISD’s high-quality pre-K instructional model facilitates learning that leads to kindergarten readiness.

Castleberry ISD's highly qualified teachers are committed to providing exceptional learning experiences by differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all learners. All pre-K students will develop skills in the following areas:

  • Emergent Literacy Reading

  • Emergent Literacy Writing

  • Language and Communication

  • Math

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Social and Emotional Development

  • Fine Arts

  • Physical Development and Health

  • Technology


To learn more about TEA guidelines, Frog Street, and CLI Engage follow the links listed below.