Branding Guidelines


Castleberry Independent School District's brand represents more than just a logo or a name. It symbolizes a strong commitment to education, tradition, and a deep connection with the community. Maintaining brand consistency between print and digital mediums ensures that every interaction with the district reflects its core values, goals, and dedicated effort to provide high-quality education to students. Consistency helps build trust and credibility overtime, strengthening the district's relationships with the community it serves. Together, these elements shape a brand identity that resonates with various stakeholders, reinforcing the district's mission and fostering a strong sense of unity, pride, and tradition within the Castleberry Independent School District.

The use of District logos, typeface, and other branding items is restricted to official and approved channels. All content promoting an aspect related to Castleberry should be published according the guidelines below.

Rebranding Process 2023-2024

In May 2023, the district began rebranding. This process included establishing the district's primary and secondary colors for print and digital, in addition to adopting a new district logo. 

During this time of transition to a new district logo, and subsequent departmental and campus logos that will be updated throughout the process to ensure alignment with the district's established rebrand, it is very important for every school, department, program and employee of Castleberry ISD to present the logo in a consistent manner.

Color Guide

Castleberry utilizes primary and secondary colors as part of the district's color pallet. When creating content  use the hex or RGB codes below to align with the district's colors.


Castleberry ISD reserves the exclusive right to use its official approved logos and any derivative logos.

Please be advised that all district logos and symbols are the intellectual property of Castleberry Independent School District and are protected under local, state, and federal statutes.

Individuals interested in using a district or campus logo must contact the Communications Coordinator to receive permission to utilize the logo(s) and to receive the logos in the correct formats.

The Communications Coordinator will review the materials for which the district’s logos are being placed prior to production. Any unapproved or misuse of the logo may result in destroyed product at the campus, department, organization, business, or entity’s expense. 

For more information, contact the Communications Coordinator via via email or phone at 817.252.2019.

Official Logos

District Athletics Fine Arts
Castleberry ISD circle logo with lion and the words: Inspire, Empower, Innovate Castleberry Lions Castleberry ISD Athletics Logo with State of Texas outline and Lion Head with slashes Castleberry ISD Fine Arts Logo with the words: Inspire, Empower, Innovate

Internal and External Usage of Logos

Additional Considerations