Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment: University of Texas on Ramps

OnRamps brings the college experience to the high school classroom, transforming how students learn and preparing them for college and career success. OnRamps courses are designed by The University of Texas at Austin Faculty to replicate a rigorous, college-level learning experience and to meet post-secondary standards of quality, depth, and complexity. As a number of OnRamps courses are offered over a full year, the concepts that would typically be covered in one semester can be deeply developed over a longer period of time to promote student learning.

Dual enrollment in high school and college courses allows students to experience college courses while also earning credit for high school courses at the same time.

UT OnRamps Course Offerings 

  • United States History

  • English Language Arts: Introduction to Rhetoric

  • College Algebra Statistics

  • Computer Science

  • Physics

  • Geoscience

  • Biology

  • Pre-Cal