Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker Visits CHS

Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker Discusses Planning for Postsecondary Success with CHS Students
Posted on 08/30/2022
Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker Visits CHS

Castleberry High School students met Mattie Parker, Mayor of Fort Worth, on Tuesday. Inside the school’s auditorium full of juniors and seniors, she spoke little of politics. Instead, she focused most of the conversation around planning for postsecondary success.

Upon arrival, Parker was greeted and escorted backstage by members of the campus SkillsUSA organization. The campus chapter is facilitated by Jackie Auger, CTE teacher, and aims to ensure America has a skilled workforce.

Leanne Guerra, CHS SkillsUSA President, had the honor of introducing the special guest speaker to her peers.

“Our goal in Fort Worth and Tarrant County is to make sure every single student, all of you included, have a pathway on to postsecondary success,” said Mayor Parker. “Your choice is your choice, but it’s important to me that you understand you have to have a career path after high school.”

Encouraging students to share thoughts of their own, she said, “This is your chance to talk to your mayor about what you're seeing in your city, your classrooms, and make sure we’re making better decisions for the next generation.” Parker included time for students to ask questions, which ranged from basic curiosities, such as the car she drives and her salary to more thought provoking questions about her career milestones, obstacles she has faced, and what advice she would give to current students.

Parker used several examples from her life to emphasize the importance of having a plan for life after high school, whether it’s attending college, starting a career path, or joining the military. She reminded students how although success will look different for everyone, now is the time for these juniors and seniors to plan their future.

Stephanie Martinez, Career and Technical Education (CTE) Coordinator for Castleberry ISD, knows the importance of inviting guest speakers to the district. She said, “Mayor Parker understands the future of Fort Worth and surrounding areas is sitting in our classrooms today. The students need to hear firsthand from someone who really understands how fast the workplace is changing in our metroplex.”

Parker praised the Castleberry ISD staff and administration for the supportive environment provided to students, and encouraged students to utilize their resources, and ask questions while in high school.

Parker ended with this challenge: “Have a plan after high school, and lean on this awesome school district as much as possible.”

Many students stayed to take a photo with Mayor Parker, who used these moments as an opportunity to learn about each individual.