Everett White Named Secondary Teacher of the Year for Castleberry ISD

Everett White Named Secondary Teacher of the Year for Castleberry ISD
Posted on 05/24/2023
Secondary Teacher of the Year Coach Everett White

Everett White, a sixth through eighth grade physical education/athletics teacher and Boys' Athletic Coordinator at Irma Marsh Middle School, has been named Castleberry ISD’s Secondary Teacher of the Year for 2023. With over 30 years of experience in education, White has made a significant impact on the lives of countless students. As Castleberry ISD’s Secondary Teacher of the Year, White will advance to the regional level where one secondary teacher in Region XI will be named Region XI Secondary Teacher of the Year.

White holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and a Master of Education in Education Administration, both of which he earned from Prairie View Agricultural & Mechanical University (PVAMU). His dedication to pursuing higher education demonstrates his commitment to professional growth and equipping himself with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the best education to his students.

White believes that every student is capable and able to learn. He understands the importance of building relationships with his students and tailoring his teaching to their interests and motivations. White emphasizes discipline, management, and encouragement as essential components for a student's success in school. By creating an environment that is both structured and supportive, he fosters an atmosphere of learning and growth where students can reach their full potential.

Within White's classroom, students experience an engaging and energetic learning environment. He incorporates innovative teaching methods and activities that make physical education fun and exciting. One of his favorite units is the unit on rhythm, which he has been teaching for 33 years.

"Who doesn't want to learn how to dance?" remarks White, who prepares the dance routine himself. Through dance routines and music, he enables students to learn rhythm while enjoying the process. He takes the month of October to teach the routine in small segments which combine for a complete routine. Students perform the completed routine for teachers and administrators at the end of the month on Halloween. "The music and the repetitiveness of the dance moves allows even my special needs students to learn and perform the steps with enthusiasm and excitement."

White recognizes the significance of building strong relationships with his students. He believes in creating a supportive and inclusive community where students feel valued and supported. Through the "2 Words" program, Coach White fosters character development among his student athletes. He shares motivational videos and leads discussions, encouraging students to embrace their differences and work together towards common goals. By fostering better relationships with his students, he enables them to build stronger relationships with each other, cultivating values that benefit both their athletic pursuits and their personal growth as students and community members.

White's dedication to education and his students shines through his educational achievements and involvement in the educational community. As an Athletic Coordinator and Physical Education teacher, he creates a dynamic learning environment that fosters growth, inclusivity, and collaboration. Through his innovative teaching methods and emphasis on building relationships, he inspires students to achieve their full potential.  White's impact extends beyond the classroom, as he instills values that shape students into not only better athletes but also productive individuals within the classroom and the community. His commitment to educational excellence and student success make him a deserving recipient of the secondary teacher of the year award for Castleberry ISD.