Job-embedded Professional Learning

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Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

A Professional Learning Community (PLC) is a team of educators working collaboratively in recurring cycles of collective inquiry and action research to enhance teaching practices and ensure learning for all. PLCs operate under the assumption that the key to improving learning for students is ongoing job-embedded learning for educators. 

PLC participants understand that learning is the fundamental purpose of school, and are therefore willing to examine all practices and their impact on learning. PLC participants commit to using relevant data to promote continuous improvement and to developing a collaborative culture to achieve a collective purpose.

Each PLC begins the year by establishing group norms, a vision statement, and commitments. PLCs are dynamic in nature, adjusting based on needs and progress monitoring.


Progress Monitoring

Progress monitoring is the collection of reliable data used to compare student performance to expected outcomes. Progress monitoring may be used to pinpoint student abilities and areas of need, response to instruction, and growth throughout the school year. Progress monitoring helps the district align professional learning to best support the needs of the student. 


Instructional Coaching

An instructional coach provides support to a teacher as a collaborative thought partner to help analyze instruction to improve student learning. Coaches help teachers analyze data, identify objectives, select instructional shifts and strategies, problem-solve and monitor progress to meet the objectives. A coach supports improving both instructional content and classroom practices. Professional learning through the coaching model can enhance teacher skills and knowledge, which, in turn, will positively affect student outcomes.

Castleberry ISD's Academic and Instructional Mentors (AIM) work with campus administrators to develop individualized coaching plans to support both new-to-the-profession teachers and returning teachers.