Ninth Grade

Freshman Year

9th Grade College and Career Prep Timeline


  • I will attend the Castleberry ISD College Fair in the Fall.

  • I will review my Personal Graduation Plan (PGP) and commit to the pathway I have chosen for high school.

  • I will seek volunteer opportunities and/or job-shadowing in areas that interest me.

  • I will seek tutorials for any academic areas I am struggling in, and talk with my teachers about my progress.

  • I will attend all classes regularly and avoid any disciplinary problems because not doing so can limit my ability to enroll in the advanced courses of my pathway

  • I will prepare for the PSAT-9  which I will take in the Spring of my freshman year, by reviewing the test format, and perhaps completing a practice test at

  • I will visit at least one college campus this year via a virtual campus visit.

  • I will discuss with my parents our plans to pay for college.  Visiting websites such as can be helpful.

  • I will read for pleasure at all opportunities.  Reading skills directly correlate to college success, and besides, it’s a healthy habit!

  • Speaking of healthy habits, I will take good care of myself by making a healthy diet and exercise choices, as well as refraining from the use of drugs or alcohol.

  • I will join in extracurricular activities such as CTSO’s (Career Technical Student Organization), clubs or athletics.  School involvement is a big component of a positive high school experience

  • I will begin a college and career portfolio that includes a resume and a list of activities, volunteer hours, awards received, jobs, training, and any certifications earned.  This will prove helpful with the college, scholarship, and job application process.

  • I will refer to the Castleberry ISD Academic Planning Guide to learn how Grade Point Average (GPA) and class rank are calculated, including the impact of taking weighted courses, like dual credit, OnRamps, and Advanced Placement.  Colleges and scholarship committees set specific requirements for one or both of these, so it is important to understand how they are determined. If you need clarification, then ask your school counselor for help.

  • I will explore Advanced Academic opportunities and enroll in those that are appropriate for me.

Parents and Guardians

  • I will support and participate with my child on the above goals.

  • I will attend after school events as often as possible, including the CISD College Fair in the fall semester.

  • I will visit with my child’s teachers and/or the school counselor about any academic or behavioral concerns.

  • I will help the school to prepare my child for this year’s End of Course (EOC) exams by communicating with the school about my child’s progress and monitoring his or her homework and test scores.  I will also look at the expectations for each exam which can be found on the Texas Education Agency website at on the “Parent Resources” link.

  • I will help my child maintain good attendance by getting them to school on time and promptly supplying written documentation when he or she is absent.

  • I will begin or continue planning for my child’s college education and start or continue to contribute to a savings plan by:

  • Attending a financial workshop at the school during "Coffee Talks" or evening workshops.

  • Visiting websites such as

  • Visit to compare college costs of attendance.