Gifted and Talented

Children holding GIFTED

Goals of Gifted and Talented Programming

Castleberry ISD provides an array of differentiated opportunities in grades K-12.   The goals of the Gifted and Talented program are to:

  • Provide gifted and talented students the opportunity to develop individual interests and abilities through the use of challenging and innovative curriculum and teaching practices.

  • Implement an ongoing identification process of screening and identifying gifted students in grades K-12 based on multiple and specific criteria (both qualitative and quantitative) through the use of a selection committee.

  • Foster students' higher level thinking skills and help them develop intellectual curiosity in critical, creative, and productive thinking.

  • Build capacity for students to develop problem-solving strategies, inquiry, and research skills independently and as part of a group.

  • Provide ongoing appropriate professional learning opportunities for administrators, counselors, and teachers involved in serving the needs of gifted and talented students.

New students who were identified for the gifted program in their prior district may be referred for screening upon their enrollment in the district. Parents of students eligible for screening should contact the school counselor upon enrollment.