All Castleberry Elementary Schools Recognized as CS100 "All In"

All Castleberry Elementary Schools Recognized as CS100 "All-In"
Posted on 09/11/2023
All three Castleberry Elementary Schools Recognized as CS100 "All In"

CS is Elementary™ announced the winners of the CS100 and CS100 “All-In” Awards for commitment to K-5 Computer Science Education. Among the twenty Texas elementary school awardees, A.V. Cato Elementary, Castleberry Elementary, and Joy James Academy of Leadership, have each been awarded the coveted "All-In" CS100 Award. This recognition celebrates their outstanding dedication to computer science education and their unwavering commitment to preparing students for the digital age.

The "All-In" CS100 Award is a national recognition that acknowledges elementary schools across the country for their exceptional efforts in aligning instruction to meet state or district standards for computer science education. This distinction serves as a testament to the dedication of our educators and administrators to provide our students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven world.

Castleberry Independent School District: A Hub of Computer Science Excellence

At Castleberry ISD, a commitment to computer science education is woven into the very fabric of the curriculum. Every student in grades K-5 is immersed in a comprehensive 12-week coding unit, receiving a total of 36 hours of Coding and Computer Science instruction during their school day. These lessons, aligned with CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association) standards, are delivered by dedicated paraprofessionals trained in Coding and Computer Science through the CS Fundamentals curriculum.

But the dedication to computer science education doesn't end there. CISD integrates coding opportunities into the Science curriculum for Kinder and Pre-K students. These age-appropriate, "unplugged" activities are designed to align with both current Tech Apps TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and the projected Tech Apps state standards for K-5, which will be effective starting the 2024-2025 school year.

For those students eager to explore computer science beyond the regular school day, each elementary school offers a weekly Coding Club. Here, students engage in extension activities and hands-on coding experiences, including creating hacks with block code in Minecraft Education Edition, programming Spheros to navigate obstacle courses, and crafting their own programs in Scratch.

The cross-curricular STEM integration at Castleberry doesn't just enrich students' academic journeys; it also sets the stage for future success. Students who engage with these opportunities are better prepared to explore advanced academic paths, such as Castleberry ISD's own STEM Academy. This middle school program focuses on Advanced Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology, equipping students with the skills needed for college, careers, or military service. Remarkably, STEM Academy students can even earn up to 56 college credits upon graduation—a testament to the quality of education in Castleberry ISD.

Community Engagement Through Computer Science Education

Castleberry ISD doesn't stop at in-school computer science education. Every fall, the district celebrates Computer Science Education Week with a Family Code Night—an event open to the entire community. This event allows students to showcase what they've learned in their coding classes, taking on leadership roles as they host over a dozen different games and activities. These activities include podcast interviews, coding challenges, robotics competitions, and unplugged activities, all designed to engage and inspire all members of the community.

The "All-In" CS100 Award recognizes A.V Cato Elementary School, Castleberry Elementary School, and Joy James Academy of Leadership among the top Computer Science elementary schools in America. Their dedication to computer science education, integrated curriculum, and community involvement exemplify the district's commitment to preparing students for a future filled with technology and innovation. Congratulations to these outstanding schools for their well-deserved recognition! We look forward to witnessing the continued success and growth of computer science education in Castleberry ISD.

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