Noe Padilla Named Joy James Academy of Leadership Campus Police Officer

Noe Padilla Named Joy James Academy of Leadership Campus Police Officer
Posted on 08/16/2022
Castleberry ISD Welcomes Noe Padilla Police Officer

Castleberry ISD is excited to announce Noe Padilla as a new member of the district’s police force who will serve at Joy James Academy of Leadership. Prior to joining the Castleberry ISD Police Department, Padilla served as a Police Sergeant for eight years at Texas Health Resource Police Department.

A Dallas native, Padilla has an associate’s degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering. Noe has 14 years of law enforcement with a Intermediate Peace Officer Certificate. He is also a certified Mental Health Officer and has previously served as a Crisis Prevention Intervention Instructor.

Family is important to Padilla and he enjoys spending time with them. He and his wife have four teenage children, and an 11 month old. His hobbies include, actively serving in his church, mini vacations, and catching bass on his fishing boat.

Padilla looks forward to being proactive and a valuable member of the Castleberry ISD Police Department while building strong relationships with campus staff, students, and parents. Noe would like to give a huge thanks to the Castleberry ISD Board of Education for the opportunity to join the Castleberry family. The bond that links family is not one of blood but of respect and joy in each other’s life.