Technology Operations

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Castleberry ISD Technology Department is to provide a framework for a community of technology-enabled learners.

Vision Statement

CISD’s vision is to revolutionize learning through the power of technology by: providing ongoing, individualized staff development; facilitating community access to information; cultivating strategic partnerships; broadening access to technology; and maximizing the utilization of technology so that all students effectively use technology in an increasingly information-rich society.

Technology Belief Statements

    We believe that:
    1. All staff should be empowered to reach their technological potential through an individualized professional development plan encompassed by appropriate training and technical support. When teachers are utilizing and modeling the use of technology, students will be more likely to use technology.

    2. All students should use technology as a tool to foster expanded thinking processes enabling them to solve “real world” problems. 

    3.The technology scope and sequence should integrate the technology TEKS into the core curriculum, drive technology, and emphasize inquiry and project-based learning. 

    4. Technology presents new legal and ethical issues that should be addressed through instruction, organization, personal responsibility, and policy. 

    5. It is imperative to develop and nurture strategic partnerships with businesses, universities, and civic organizations to take advantage of shared resources. 

    6. Students, staff, parents, and the learning community should be supported in their quest for lifelong learning. 

    7. Student, staff, and administrative needs should drive all of our decisions concerning hardware and software acquisitions. 

    8. Our District should stay abreast of emerging technologies that support administrative and instructional objectives. 

    9. Technology, in every aspect of this education/business environment, should be inventoried, maintained, upgraded, integrated, and monitored so that every teacher and student has equitable access to technology in order to achieve instructional objectives established by the state and district. 

    10. To enhance the learning environment and encourage the integration of technology into the curriculum, teachers should be provided with technical support that responds quickly to solve problems and prevents the breakdown of instruction and curriculum plans.