District Overview

District Overview

Situated a mere five miles west of downtown Fort Worth, Castleberry Independent School District (CISD) has solidified its commitment to delivering exceptional education to its diverse student body. At the heart of the district's endeavors lies its mission: to inspire and empower all students to become innovative thinkers within the global community. Through this guiding philosophy, Castleberry ISD readies its students to navigate an ever-evolving world as lifelong learners, well-equipped for both the dynamic landscape and the competitive workforce.

Castleberry ISD is located five miles west of downtown Fort Worth, in a densely populated community covering an area of approximately 5.438 square miles. The district includes the City of River Oaks (pop. 7,646), a large portion of Sansom Park (pop. 5,454), and a small portion of the City of Fort Worth.* Castleberry ISD is bound on the west and the south by the Trinity River, on the east by Fort Worth, and the north by Lake Worth.

Castleberry ISD's dedicated team of 635 staff members, comprising educators, administrators, and support personnel, is unwaveringly committed to furnishing a high-quality learning environment for the 3,740 enrolled students. The student population mirrors the rich diversity of the community, with 84.47% of students identifying as Hispanic, 10.99% as Anglo, 2.17% as African-American, 0.24% as Asian, 0.13% as American Indian, 0.13% as Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, and 1.87% as Two or More.**

Within its educational landscape, Castleberry ISD encompasses seven campuses: These include Castleberry Elementary, A.V. Cato Elementary, Joy James Academy of Leadership, Irma Marsh Middle School, Castleberry High School, REACH High School, and TRUCE Learning Center.

Guided by the principles of its mission statement, Castleberry ISD stands as a dynamic center of education, a beacon of innovation, and a hub of inspiration. By fostering a learning environment that empowers its students, the district propels them toward becoming forward-thinking contributors to the global community. 

In 1956 school patrons voted Castleberry become an Independent School District, making it what it is known as today: Castleberry Independent School District. Prior to this, Castleberry was certified as a Common School District and operated under the supervision of the Superintendent of Tarrant County.

* Population information obtained from April 2020 Census Review.
** Demographic information obtained from PEIMS 2023-2024 Fall Student Data Review.


Inspire · Empower · Innovate


Castleberry Independent School District is inspiring and empowering all students to be innovative thinkers in the global community. 


A.V. Cato Elementary, 4501 Barbara Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76114, (817) 252-2400Castleberry Elementary, 1100 Roberts Cut Off Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76114, (817) 252-2300
Joy James Academy of Leadership, 5300 Buchanan St, Fort Worth, TX 76114, 817-252-2500


Castleberry High School, 215 Churchill Road, Fort Worth, TX 76114, (817) 252-2100 Irma Marsh Middle School, 415 Hagg Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76114, (817) 252-2200
REACH High School, 1101 Merritt St, Fort Worth, TX 76114, (817) 252-2390
TRUCE Learning Center, 1101 Merritt St, Fort Worth, TX 76114, (817) 252-2490