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Did you know that you can determine how you are contacted by your child’s school from within Skyward Family Access, or that each parent or guardian of a student can set their contact preferences independently? Once you have updated your contact info in Skylert you can easily view and manage your messages through the School Messenger App, available for free on both iPhone and Android, or online. Visit to get started.

School Messenger Mobile App (Optional)

With the School Messenger Mobile App you can easily set your contact preferences for any contact points in your Skyward Family Access profile. You can also view all of the messages sent to you by both the District and your child's school.

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Skyward Mobile Access App

With Skyward Mobile Access you can read messages from your child's school and teacher, check grades, monitor your child's attendance, and much more. However, you cannot update your contact information on the app. User information changes can only be done by logging into Skyward Family Access on the web.

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