Meal Pricing

Student Meal Prices 2023-2024

  • Breakfast // FREE

  • Lunch // FREE

Castleberry ISD will participate in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) this year. This federal program eliminates the need for students to apply for free or reduced-price meals. Instead, the district is able to provide breakfast and lunch to all students at no charge. 

The district is proud to participate in the CEP program this school year and provide all students access to the nutritious meals they need to succeed in school.

Adult Meal Prices 2023-2024

Breakfast $3.20
Lunch $4.80

A la Carte Prices 2023-2024

Milk 1/2 Pint $0.75

Water $1.00

Rice Krispie Treat (Large) $1.25

Grandma’s Cookies $1.00

Cereal Bar $1.00

Chips/Cheetos/Doritos $1.25

Fruit Roll Up $0.75

Capri Sun $1.00

Ice Cream $1.50


Adding Funds to Student Accounts

Payments to student accounts may be made via cash at each campus or online through MySchoolBucks.  Note: Checks are not accepted.


Purchasing A La Carte Items 

Money may be deposited into a student's MySchoolBucks account in advance to purchase a la carte items. Money will be withdrawn from the students account for each a la carte purchase. A la carte items may not be charged.

Pay for meals  

A la Carte Charge Policy