HB 1468: Virtual Learning for the 21-22 School Year

HB 1468: Virtual Learning for the 21-22 School Year
Posted on 06/07/2021
stylized text: "HB 1468: The Future of Virtual Learning?"

House Bill 1468, a bill to continue funding remote learning programs, failed in the closing hours of the legislative session. Castleberry ISD had counted on House Bill 1468 to offer a virtual option for families with health concerns and for students who were successful in the remote learning environment during the coronavirus pandemic. But the district is now planning for a full return to in-person, face-to-face instruction, and activities.

Castleberry ISD is placing its plans for a virtual learning option on hold until further direction is provided by the Texas Education Agency. The bill would have authorized public schools to count students in remote learning programs as part of enrollment, which is used to determine public school funding. However, it fell short of final approval on Sunday night before the midnight deadline to pass legislation; therefore, the funding for virtual learning enrollment will not be available.

Castleberry ISD and other school district officials had expressed support for the legislation. Renee Smith-Faulkner,  Acting  Superintendent of Castleberry ISD, said the district had been working on a "virtual option" and were looking to offer this option in the fall. However, based on recent legislation, the district will not be receiving funding and will not be able to offer virtual learning unless funding is made available in the near future to school districts in the state of Texas.