Spanish Spelling Bee

Students Participate in the Second Annual Spanish Spelling Bee
Posted on 01/31/2022
Spanish Spelling Bee at Castleberry ISD

Students enrolled in the Bilingual program in grades 3-5 at Castleberry ISD participate in the annual Spanish Spelling Bee. Each campus holds a preliminary competition to determine the top three students in each grade level to represent the campus at the district event.

On Friday, January 28, campus grade-level winners as well as runners up participated in the District Spanish Spelling Bee.

Third graders Daleyza L., A.V. Cato Elementary, and Rafael N., Joy James Elementary, went head to head for three rounds until ultimately Daleyza was disqualified for misspelling the word “seleccionados.” Rafael was crowned the third grade winner after 17 total rounds and he successfully spelled “cuidar.”

Fourth graders Jonathan E., Joy James Elementary, and Jordany R., A.V. Cato Elementary, were the final two contestants at the fourth grade level. Ultimately, Jonathan was disqualified for misspelling the word “cachorro.” Jordany was crowned the fourth grade winner after he successfully spelled “compañía.”

Jannely M., Joy James Elementary, and Israel A., A.V. Cato Elementary, were the final two fifth graders standing after seven rounds of words. Eventually, Jannely was disqualified for misspelling “heroicidad.” Israel was crowned the fifth grade winner after he successfully spelled “numerador.”

Daleyza L., A.V. Cato, was awarded runner up from this year’s district competition. She spelled 17 words correctly on Friday, and will serve as an alternate at the regional competition in the event one of the other students be unable to attend.

The top speller at each grade level from the district spelling bee advances to the regional spelling bee hosted by the Region XI service center on Friday, February 4.

Congratulations to all the Castleberry ISD elementary school campus Spelling Bee Winners who competed in the District Spelling Bee on Friday, January 28.

Third Grade

Daleyza L. | First Place | A.V. Cato Elementary
Rosalinda G. | Second Place | A.V. Cato Elementary
Maria R. | Third Place | A.V. Cato Elementary

Jimena F. | First Place | Castleberry Elementary
Naomi F. | Second Place | Castleberry Elementary
Joanna D. | Third Place | Castleberry Elementary

Rafael N. | First Place | Joy James Elementary
Leslie G. | Second Place | Joy James Elementary
Marcos R. | Third Place | Joy James Elementary

Fourth Grade

Samuel C. | First Place | A.V. Cato Elementary
Jennifer M. | Second Place | A.V. Cato Elementary
Jordany R. | Third Place | A.V. Cato Elementary

Camila N. | First Place | Castleberry Elementary
Silvia M. | Second Place | Castleberry Elementary
Arianna A. | Third Place | Castleberry Elementary

Rodrigo F. | First Place | Joy James Elementary
Jonathan E. | Second Place | Joy James Elementary
Erandi P. | Third Place | Joy James Elementary

Fifth Grade

Oliver R. | First Place | A.V. Cato Elementary
Israel A. | Second Place | A.V. Cato Elementary
Ashley H. | Third Place | A.V. Cato Elementary

Valeria S. | First Place | Castleberry Elementary
Alisson C. | Second Place | Castleberry Elementary
Kevin E. | Third Place | Castleberry Elementary

Jannely M. | First Place | Joy James Elementary
Natalia M. | Second Place | Joy James Elementary
Irvin C. | Third Place | Joy James Elementary