COVID-19 Cleaning and Sanitization Protocol

COVID-19 Cleaning and Sanitization Protocol
Posted on 01/11/2022
COVID-19 Cleaning and Sanitization Protocol

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Castleberry ISD has invested in various safeguards to create layers of protection within our campuses to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Providing clean and safe buildings and buses for students and staff members remains a top priority for the district. As outlined in the district’s COVID-19 Guide (English; Spanish), enhanced disinfection measures were added to existing procedures early on in response to COVID-19. The addition of CDC’s recommended measures coupled with existing industry cleaning standards provides CISD with a robust school cleaning and disinfection program to ensure students and staff are able to learn in a safe environment.

Prior to students returning to campus in fall 2020, Castleberry ISD developed a targeted cleaning process that specifically addressed ways to slow the spread of COVID-19. This included cleaning each district facility daily with EPA approved products in accordance with CDC guidelines. Custodial employees were and continue to be trained on COVID-19 safety protocols as the CDC and TEA make updates.

In general, cleaning and disinfecting occurs in every classroom, common areas and on high-touch surfaces periodically throughout the day by custodial employees. Restrooms, cafeterias, and computer labs undergo extensive cleaning throughout the day.

Proper precautions are taken to ensure children do not come into direct contact with cleaning products, while ensuring adequate ventilation when using cleaning products to prevent children or custodians themselves from inhaling toxic fumes. Custodial employees securely store cleaning products in locked areas, which are away from children. To keep the custodial employees safe, adequate supplies are provided to minimize the sharing of these materials to the highest extent possible. Lastly, custodial employees keep a cleaning log record for classrooms, restrooms, locker rooms, and transportation fleet.

Castleberry ISD continues to modify and refine the district’s targeted cleaning protocol as the COVID-19 virus continues. Equipment upgrades are purchased as recommended by the CDC or TEA.

In summer 2021, ventilation improvements were made, and ultraviolet light filters, which run nightly, were installed to the HVAC system in campus locker room facilities. According to TEA, Improving school Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has been shown to decrease respiratory-related illness infection rates and positively impact student attendance. This includes reducing rates of COVID-19 but extends to reducing the spread of other respiratory illnesses (common cold, flu, etc.) and reducing the severity of asthma symptoms.

Portable ultraviolet mobile units are available throughout the district, and are used nightly in classrooms or other areas needing extra sanitization. All five campus cafeterias and the Administration Building board room have Hydroxyl air cleaning units. Hydroxyl cleaners are FDA compliant and kill 99.8% of the COVID-19 virus. In addition, these units can kill staph, strep, and H1N1. All campus front offices, nurses clinics, and the athletic training room have Pure and Clean machines running 24 hours a day to clean and sanitize the air.

Most recently, the district purchased additional Victory Innovations electrostatic sprayers for disinfectant application. The district added 60 extra hand held machines in addition to the ones already used prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each night, the custodial staff uses the electrostatic sprayers as the final step in the cleaning process to kill any remaining trace of the virus left behind on services. Electrostatic sprayers are thought to promote a more efficient use of disinfectant and work by applying a small electrical charge to aerosols when passing through the nozzle. These charged droplets adhere easier and stick to surfaces in the classroom, such as desks and other frequently touched surfaces.

Castleberry ISD would like to acknowledge the district's custodial department and the vital work each custodian does to ensure campuses are sanitized and clean.