National Principals Appreciation Month

Thank a Castleberry ISD Principal in Honor of National Principals Month
Posted on 10/26/2021
National Principals Month

October is National Principal Appreciation month. If you have not done so already, thank a Castleberry ISD principal and share on social media using #ThankCISDPrincipals and #CastleberryISD. National Principals Month is just one of the many ways colleagues, students, and community members can honor the leader at the helm of each campus. Castleberry ISD encourages students, staff, families and community members to take some time to express gratitude for their principal as the nation celebrates National Principals Month in October.

Campuses throughout the district have been recognizing and honoring school leaders for their work and unrelenting commitment to students, staff, and the school community each campus serves. Principals in Castleberry ISD have continued to persevere with every new challenge the past year has thrown at them. Their bold leadership and knowledge expertise have ensured the students and staff on their campus continue to get what is needed to move learning forward, despite the odds.

Principals are more than just caretakers of the campus. Principals are educational leaders, community builders, spokespersons, disciplinarians, budget analysts and guardians of policy mandates and initiatives. Each sets the academic tone for their campus and works collaboratively with teachers, content coordinators, and instructional coaches to maintain high curriculum standards for the district. Thank you, Castleberry ISD principals, for inspiring, educating, and empowering all students to be innovative thinkers in the global community.