Family Engagement

Castleberry ISD Parent Sessions: Interactive sessions that provide parents addition resources to be partners in their child's education.

Family Engagement Parent Sessions

Castleberry ISD offers a series of interactive sessions throughout the year that provide parents additional resources to be partners in their child’s education.

The district is committed to providing REAL family engagement by building strong and effective partnerships with families that can help children and families thrive. When family engagement gets REAL, educators and families become true allies in educational excellence, schools foster a sense of belonging for everyone, and students succeed in school and beyond.

Session Dates and Information

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District and Campus Family Engagement Plans

Each year, the district and each campus develops a family engagement plan to assist in achieving and maintaining high levels of family involvement and positive family attitudes toward education. The current family engagement plans are linked below. 

District and Campus Parental Involvement  Policies

Each year, the district and each campus develop a Parental Involvement Policy in compliance with Title I Part A guidelines. The current Parental Involvement Plans are linked below.