Inclement Weather Information

Inclement Weather or Other Emergencies
Graphic displaying the text "EMERGENCY AND INCLEMENT WEATHER PROCEDURES" with a forecast for Monday and Tuesday depicted. Monday shows a snowflake and cloud icon with a temperature of 10°, while Tuesday shows a storm cloud and lightning icon with a temperature of 75°. A large triangular warning sign with an exclamation mark is displayed on the right.

The safety of you and your child is of the utmost importance to Castleberry ISD. In the event of inclement weather, district administration will first notify all district staff. Castleberry ISD feels it is important to notify internal staff members prior to sending notifications to parents.

A few minutes after staff is informed, the district communications team who will publish notices in the following order.

  1. District communications will send SMS/email/voice message to all stakeholders using the mass messaging broadcast system. The mass messaging system will always be the district's first method for distributing information to parents.

    • In order to receive the notification in a timely manner, parents must check contact information in Skyward Family Access is correct and accurate.

    • To learn how to update the contact information in Skyward Family Access, visit the Contact Preferences page.

  2. Shortly after, district communications will post a message to all official district and campus social media accounts. 

  3. Lastly, the home page of the website will be updated with a web banner communicating the information and a website pop up alert. 

  4. Note: Simultaneously while all of the above is happening, the following news media outlets will be contacted. 

Please continue to check the district's website and Castleberry ISD social media (TwitterFacebook, and Instagram) for the latest information regarding school closures, delays and updates.