Student Technology

One-to-One Initiative

Through the district's 1:1 initiative, all students are provided a device to take home each night to continue learning at home. PK through 1st grade students are issued an iPad. Students in 2nd grade through 8th grade are issued a Chromebook. All high school students receive a Windows netbook device.

With this one-to-one initiative, teachers are empowered to incorporate online classrooms and resources to enrich the content of their lessons on a daily basis.

Device Distribution and Collection

Student Devices are are issued during class time the first week of school each year.  Students who enroll in the district mid-year receive the device within 24 hours of registration to allow time for the student's accounts to be built. Student devices are collected during the last two weeks of the school year to allow technology technicians to reimage and repair any damage to student devices during the summer months.  

Digital Equity 4 All Initiative

In addition, students enrolled at Castleberry ISD are provided a free, safe, filtered, and secure Internet connection at home through the district's three WiFi towers and Digital Equity for All initiative.

Responsible Use Acknowledgement 

Each year during online registration, students and parents must sign the Acknowledgement Form located in the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct. In the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct, parents and students are provided information on student responsible use, Internet safety, and digital citizenship.