District Science Fair Winners

District Science Fair Winners Announced
Posted on 01/26/2022
District Science Fair Winners

The Castleberry ISD 2021-2022 Science Fair was held virtually on Tuesday January 25th. During the Facebook Live broadcast, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Grade Level Overall award recipients were announced. An overall champion was announced for elementary and secondary. All campus winners were recognized for participation in the science fair. The first place winner from each homeroom in grades 3-5, 41 students total, advanced to the District Science Fair. A committee of volunteers from Castleberry ISD's Teaching, Learning, and Innovation department judged each submission using an identified set of criteria. 

Secondary students who placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Grade Level Overall, and Campus Overall now advance to the Fort Worth Regional Science and Engineering Science Fair on February 21, 2022. The virtual event is hosted by University of Texas at Arlington. Regional winners will attend the State Fair in March 2022. National winner events are in summer and fall 2022. 

All student projects will be available to view online beginning Monday, January 31st.  

Thank you to all the Castleberry ISD science teachers who helped and guided students through the science fair process and parents for continuing to support these young scientists at home.

Below are the District Science Fair Winners. Congratulations to these students for doing an outstanding job! 

Elementary District Winners

5th Grade

First Place: Annabelle W. | Do Lemon Seeds Grow Faster When Germinated?

Second Place: Evelyn M. | If the Music is Louder, Will your Heart Beat Faster?

Third Place: Angel R. | Which Brand of Cereal Stays Crunchy the Longest?

Best Overall: Jonathan V. | Does Adding Different Flavors of Kool-Aid to Water Affect the Time it Takes to Boil?

4th Grade

First Place: Ryan W. | Will Heavier Bowling Balls Knock Down More Pins?

Second Place: Holly Z. | Which Balloon Rocket Travels the Fastest?

Third Place: Marco R. | How Does a Light Bulb's Wattage Affect the Amount of Heat Detected Above a Light?

Best Overall: Arianna A. | Which Type of Water will Help Seeds Grow the Fastest?

3rd Grade

Second Place: Janelly F. | What Makes Hair Dry Faster: Air or a Hair Dryer?

Third Place: Christian M. | Which Shoe Makes Me the Fastest?

Best Overall: Rafael N. | How Does the Length of Time a Soda Bottle is Open Affect its Fizziness?

Overall Elementary Winner

Leah L. | Can Fruits and Vegetables Light a Lightbulb?

Campus Winners

Secondary District Winners

8th Grade

Second Place: Leslie W. | What Keeps your Teeth Stained?

Third Place: Lorenzo A. | What Makes Ice Melt the Fastest?

Best Overall: Lyntzy H. and Jessalyn C. | Blooming plants: The effect of Music on Plant Growth

7th Grade

First Place: Alyssa A. | Does the Material of a Mask Affect the Way it Functions?

Second Place: Jason W. | Index of Refraction

Third Place: Sara C. | Which Eraser Works the Best?

Best Overall: Melina E. | Do More Sunny Places in Texas Have Healthier People?

6th Grade

First Place: Brooke M. | Does Color Affect Memory?

Second Place: Lupita J. | How do we Clean Dirty Water enough to make it Clean enough to Drink?

Third Place: Lizette H. | What will Rot your Teeth the Most?

Best Overall: Aden S. and Francisco T. | What Disinfectant Works Best?

Overall Campus Winner

Pedro V. | Using AI to Alert Visually Impaired Pedestrians of Hazards on the Road