AIMing Higher: Accelerated Math Opportunities for Elementary Students

AIMing Higher: Accelerated Math Opportunities for Elementary Students
Posted on 02/22/2024
AIMing Higher: Accelerated Math Opportunities for Elementary Students

Castleberry ISD offers the Acceleration in Math (AIM) program to students in kindergarten through fifth grade who are currently enrolled in the district and meet specific eligibility criteria. Students who qualify for AIM have the opportunity to advance in math beyond their enrolled grade level.

The AIM program aims to accelerate students’ progress in mathematics, allowing them to explore more challenging content and stay ahead of the regular curriculum. Castleberry ISD carefully evaluates factors such as STAAR Math performance, math report card grades, and district benchmarks for each nominated student. Students who meet the criteria are then expected to demonstrate mastery of math standards beyond their current grade level—in areas where they have not received formal classroom instruction on an exam.

Parents may nominate their child for Castleberry ISD’s Acceleration in Math program until 5 PM on Friday, March 1, 2024.

The following questions should be taken into account when deciding whether or not to nominate a student for the program.

  • Is the student currently enrolled in kindergarten through fifth grades?
  • Does the student consistently earn 90 or higher in math each nine weeks?
  • Grades K-1: Does the student score above grade level on AMC testing and BOY/MOY benchmarks?
  • Grades 2-5: Does the student score 90% or higher on district benchmark and/or unit assessments?

Parents who answer mostly yes to the questions above are encouraged to nominate their child using the online form.

Students who are nominated and meet the district’s qualification criteria for assessment will complete the University of Texas Grade Level Placement exam for math in late April to determine the student's eligibility for the program. Each student will be assessed by completing the test for the grade level the student will be in next year.

Students scoring an 80 or above on the UT Grade Placement exam will be accelerated to the grade level above the exam. The test results will arrive before the end of the school year.

For more information about qualification criteria to test, visit the district's AIM web page or contact your child's math teacher. All nomination forms must be submitted by 5 PM on Friday, March 1, 2024.