Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy Services

 Intervention for speech/language disorders is provided by properly credentialed speech/language pathologists or licensed speech pathology assistants as determined by the evaluation. Supervision of assistant speech pathologists is provided by ASHA-certified clinicians. Individual instructional goals are developed by the Individualized Education Program Team based on evaluations conducted by licensed Speech Therapists or certified/licensed Speech-Language Pathologists. Services may be direct, in either individual, small group, or integrated formats, or consultative, and are based upon individual student needs.

CISD offers speech therapy to help students whose speech and language skills may inhibit their academic achievement.  Problems that may be addressed include:

  • Articulation disorders: The manner in which speech sounds are produced
  • Language disorders: Vocabulary development, sentence structures, appropriate use of language
  • Fluency disorders: Stuttering Voice disorders

A student may qualify for speech therapy in addition to other special education services, or may receive speech therapy without the need for other services.