Acceleration in Math (AIM)

What is Acceleration in Math (AIM)?

According to the Acceleration Institute, "Academic acceleration is the advancement of students in need of services in subjects at a rate that places them ahead of where they would be in the regular curriculum," (2016).

Why Acceleration?

  • Acceleration has a positive impact on students through adulthood

  • Provides educational services to Gifted/Talented/Advanced students

  • Students find the challenge exciting and rewarding 

Qualification Criteria

  • Student must be currently enrolled in kindergarten through fifth grades

  • STAAR Math Performance in the previous grade is 90% or higher (4-5)

  • Math report card grade is 90% or higher for each nine weeks 

  • District Benchmarks and Unit Assessments are 90% or better (2-5)

  • Above grade level on AMC testing (K-2)

  • Recommendation from district personnel

  • Parent/Guardian approval and support