Learning Ally

Learning Ally is a nonprofit organization partnering with educators to provide access to print books to students with learning differences such as dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities.

Learning Ally delivers an enjoyable multi-sensory experience of human-read content with an extensive collection of K-12 literature and textbooks recorded by actors and subject matter experts. Students spend less time decoding words and increase their fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension enabling them to reach their academic potential.

To learn more about Learning Ally visit: Learning Ally Audio Books in the Classroom

Students enrolled at a Castleberry ISD school who have been identified with a print disability have access to the Learning Ally program. 

Contact the Dyslexia Therapist/Interventionist on your child's campus for more information about the Learning Ally program or help with your student's Learning Ally account.  

Is Listening to an Audiobook the same as Reading?
According to Dr. Daniel Willingham, cognitive scientist, and professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, 'does your mind do more or less the same thing when listening to an audiobook and when reading print?’

The short answer is ‘mostly’.”

Decoding refers to figuring out words from print.
Language processing refers to the same mental processes you use for oral language.

So, according to the simple model, listening to an audio book is exactly like reading print, except the latter requires decoding and the former doesn’t (Gough & Tumner, 1986).

Benefits of Audiobooks