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Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children developed the Rite Flight Rate Program, Rite Flight Comprehension and Take Flight: A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia curriculums used by Castleberry ISD for both reading and dyslexia intervention programs.

The Texas Scottish Rite Hospital offers a free seminar to parents, Parent 411. The seminar includes a study of the definition & characteristics of dyslexia, the Texas Dyslexia Handbook, the parents' role in supporting your dyslexic child, and the components of an effective intervention model as outlined in the Texas Dyslexia Handbook. Check the Scottish Rite Parent's Corner for more information about the next Parent 411 seminar or email Scottish Rite Hospital at, [email protected].
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KERA's, nprEd:
National Public Radio (npr) has a short 5-part series on dyslexia. Click on the Listen button to hear the radio broadcast or click on the title to read the article.   
Unlocking Dyslexia

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