College Information

College Preparation

Let the fun begin! As your first year of college approaches, you are probably not sure where to start. You want to be informed and make good decisions. Reduce your anxiety with the help of a team. Meet with your Counselors, College & Career Advisor, and your parents regularly to support you with this transition process. Keep a calendar with timelines to help you meet deadlines for completing and submitting applications along with all other necessary forms.

Getting Started

If you have not decided which college you want to apply to College Scorecard is a great place to start.

Explore career opportunities based on your interests, levels of education and training requirements, and average salaries. Start exploring by visiting any of these sites.

 Texas On Course academy College Board Big Future    Texas Work Force
 military careers  Texas Career Check  Middle Galaxy Career Exploration

College Application Sites

College Application Site Apply Texas
 College Application Site Common Application

Guide to Applying for College

College Visits
Seniors can go by the Attendance Office to get approval and the needed form for college visit days.
  1. Take a campus tour.
  2. Interview with the Admissions staff.
  3. Get business cards of people you meet.
  4. Ask to sit in a class that interests you.
  5. Spend the night in a dorm.
  6. Talk to the students.
  7. Get a student newspaper.
  8. Wander around by yourself and get a feel for the campus.
  9. Go to the college store.
  10. Picture yourself going to school there.
 Seniors, are you visiting a school's campus?  Get the most out of it by using this checklist:
College Visit Checklist
    Do you need letters of recommendation? There is a survey in Naviance that you can fill out to give to those from whom you are requesting a letter. It will help them know all about you and your goals!

    Students can access all Naviance suite of tools and resources through the Naviance Student Portal.