Learning Walks with Castleberry ISD Board of Education  
  Board Members LtoR: Doug Lee, Kenneth Romo, W.E. Seybold, Mary Lou Martinez, Cathy Gatica,David Holder (far right)As January and School Board Appreciation Month draws to a close for 2015, we want to take one more opportunity to show how our Board of Education participates hands-on in our Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow philosophy here at Castleberry ISD.

If you have visited the new Gary S. Jones Administration Building, you might have noticed the artful and attractive bulletin board displays done by CISD campuses. During the Board of Education meetings, the Board members often participate in Learning Walks that focus on learning skills in the classroom.

Back in November of 2014, REACH High School and Joy James Elementary had bulletin boards that were featured. Math Teacher, Claudia Hosfelt at REACH presented a board that covered equations, inequalities, and triangles. REACH student pictures and comments showed how analyzing and critiquing work with peers while combining skills with new information and prior knowledge extended learning.

At Joy James Elementary, Isabel Juarez, 2nd Grade Bilingual Teacher, presented students’ work on making inferences by using iPads and QR code technology.

Joy James Elementary also led the Board on the Learning Walk recently this month, January 2015 with Lisa Gore, 3rd Grade Dual Language Teacher. Her students’ work showed how JJE is learning to start with basic math skills and infuse them technology and higher level questioning. By using technology throughout the process, Mrs. Gore’s students are learning today to be 21st Century leaders tomorrow.

The January Learning Walk also included Castleberry Elementary Megan Downing’s Prekindergarten class work on counting. Students worked with partners, measuring one on one using a pictograph of a gingerbread man. In a follow-up activity, the students learned about the height and number which could be viewed through a technology app, Aurasma. These activities help students excel in all areas from social skills to counting.

We appreciate our Board of Education here at Castleberry ISD taking Learning Walks, viewing the bulletin boards with the classroom representatives at the Board meetings. What better way to keep abreast of how our students are learning today, to prepare to lead tomorrow.

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