Transforming the Vision for Libraries and Teacher-Librarians
Posted on 04/29/2016
The Teacher-Librarians at Castleberry ISD have worked with Renee Smith-Faulkner, Assistant Superintendent of Technology Services and shared her vision to change the perception of the library program. All the Teacher-Librarians have been working with the school administrators on how Teacher-Librarians can transform the learning process and re-brand the library’s vision.  more
Educational Diagnosticians
Castleberry ISD Educational Diagnosticians Receive Proclamation from Governor of Texas
Posted on 03/31/2016
Lynn Jameson, Director of Special Education at Castleberry ISD, recently celebrated Educational Diagnosticians Week at a luncheon with her team of diagnosticians, Darla Bird, Christy Hackett, and Kara Hankins. Every year, the Governor of Texas designates a week in March as Educational Diagnosticians Week to honor members of the  more
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Inclement Weather
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