What are we doing in Castleberry ISD about Ebola?
  As community concerns arise related to news about the Ebola virus cases in Dallas County, we want to update you on the procedures Castleberry ISD has in place to ensure our students, staff, and communities remain healthy and safe.

CISD is working in conjunction with Tarrant County Public Health Department, our state and federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The latest information can be found at the TCPH web site.

Letter from Texas Department of Health Services
Statement regarding Texas Schools and Ebola Risk

At this time, there is no reason for schools to close, cancel classes or cancel extracurricular activities due to risk of Ebola. Children who reside in a home where a family member is being monitored for Ebola should not be excluded from school attendance unless the student was directly exposed.

People who have been exposed to the disease are being identified and contacted by state and local public health officials. Public health officials will provide directions to any students who came into contact with someone infected with Ebola. If appropriate, based on exposure, the student may be asked to stay home. People exposed are being actively monitored for symptoms and fever.

Because no Ebola patients have been present at a Texas school, there is no reason to close or clean a building or bus beyond routine cleaning procedures for schools.

Ebola is only spread through direct contact with a person who is sick with the disease or their blood, secretions or other bodily fluids. It cannot be spread by someone without any symptoms.

David L. Lakey, M.D. Commissioner

Click here to download the latest bulletin from Tarrant County Public Health. (en Español)


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Inclement Weather or Other Emergencies
During inclement weather or other emergencies, citizens should tune in to these stations concerning school closings:   READ MORE...
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