Castleberry ISD Holds Annual Convocation for 2014-2015 School Year  
  Supt. Gary S. JonesSuperintendent Gary S. Jones welcomed the Board of Education members, faculty, and staff on Tuesday morning, August 19th, to the 2014-2015 school year. He announced the brand new theme for Castleberry ISD, "Learning Today. Leading Tomorrow".

After the opening and invocation by Board of Education President David Holder, Superintendent Jones gave special thanks to those responsible for helping with the program and to Board of Education members for their continued service.

Castleberry ISD has had many construction projects over the summer and the last year improving facilities throughout the District. There was an overview of the highlights, including the new Gary S. Jones Administration Building, Castleberry High School’s gym and library renovations, as well as numerous Technology summer projects.

Gary S. Jones further stressed the new theme as he explained the academic focus for Castleberry ISD in 2014-2015. He explained the five areas of focus as:

1. Instructional Rounds
2. Infused Lessons
3. Purposeful Planning
4. Blooms Taxonomy
5. Interventions

Mr. Jones also reiterated the culture at Castleberry ISD stating “We will continue to model high expectations for students, teachers, and staff.”

The highlight and an obvious point of pride for everyone was Castleberry ISD’s performance and standing in STAAR, State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness. Castleberry ISD met and surpassed every target, including:

• Student Achievement
• Student Progress
• Closing Performance Gaps
• Post-Secondary Readiness

The principals of all six campuses were honored with a beautiful plaque commemorating their outstanding achievement:

• Amie Davenport, A.V. Cato Elementary
• Hollie Lancarte, Castleberry Elementary
• Leigh Ann Turner, Joy James Elementary
• Hope Conner, Irma Marsh Middle School
• Dr. Julie Davis, Castleberry High School
• Wanda Mitchell, REACH High School

The Convocation concluded with video clips stressing the importance of working as a team and supporting each other throughout the year.

In the final video of the program, Superintendent Jones showed himself taking the ice bucket challenge for ALS and challenged all his cabinet members to do the same by the end of the week.
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IMMS Student Netbooks for 7th and 8th Grade Students
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