Castleberry ISD is in close communication with the National Weather Service and the City of Fort Worth, River Oaks, and Sansom Park. The forecast calls for snow tapering off as the day progresses. We believe the safest place for students is in the classroom and not on the streets. If parents want to remove their children from school they are always free to do so. Plans are to dismiss students at the early dismissal times. All extracurricular activities will be cancelled today and Saturday. We will continue to monitor the conditions.
  Because of the inclement weather on February 23rd and 24th, Castleberry ISD will need to make up those days of instruction. According to the district calendar, the days designated are April 3, 2015 and June 5, 2015. All students and staff will need to report to school and work on those days.   
  Technology Lending Grant Kickoff  
  In October of 2014, Castleberry ISD was awarded the Technology Lending Grant. This grant provides Castleberry ISD with AT&T Hotspots that will be available on February 16th for checkout to middle school and high school students that do not have internet service at home. This will enable students to access online textbooks, online classrooms, work on projects requiring internet service, and access other various educational resources from home.

Additionally, the grant provides netbooks for eligible 6th grade students to check out since they do not have a school issued netbook to take home to complete school work. These eligible 6th grade students can also check out an AT&T Hotspot for Internet connectivity.

Eligible students will attend a meeting with the Secondary Technology Coaches for an orientation of how the devices work and the parameters for checkout. At the meeting, students will be given an agreement letter to take home to parents. Once the students return the signed letter, they will then be eligible to check out the devices. Device checkout will begin on Monday, February 16th.

Each hotspot can be checked out through the campus library media center for up to three days. This time may be extended at a teacher’s request. The AT&T Hotspots are designed to be used on student school issued devices equipped with Lightspeed mobile filtering.

All devices are available for use at home and will not be permitted to be used at school. Children under the age of 18 should be monitored while browsing the world wide web to ensure safety and address possible issues that may arise.

For more information, click on this link: http://goo.gl/bzTGrb
Click here to contact District Webmaster

News & Events

Castleberry ISD Digital-Age Leadership Academy Story
Posted on 02/13/2015
Superintendent Gary S. Jones’s vision for the future was well represented at the 2015 Texas Association School Administrators’ (TASA) Midwinter Conference in Austin, TX the week of January 26, 2015. During the conference, Renee Smith-Faulkner, Assistant Superintendent of Technology Services and Dr. Laina McDonald, Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services represented  READ MORE...
Castleberry Elementary Kindergarteners Tour Administration Building
Posted on 02/13/2015
Fiorella Parks, Bilingual Kindergarten Teacher at Castleberry Elementary, wanted her class to get up close and personal as they studied about local community leaders. The students were learning about how these leaders have shaped the community  READ MORE...
Spelling Bee Competitions Flourish at Castleberry ISD
Posted on 02/06/2015
Students throughout Castleberry ISD are competing to move on to the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition on February 20th. We featured an article recently about the winner at A.V. Cato. They ended 2014 with their campus wide competition. You can read all about theirs by clicking on A.V. Cato Ends Year with Spelling Bee. The campus wide winner was Luke S.  READ MORE...
Superintendent Search
Posted on 10/09/2014
Gary S. Jones, Superintendent of Schools, is retiring and the Castleberry Board of Education is seeking an experienced administrator to lead the district of 4,100 students. Please click on Superintendent Search for more information about the search for the new CISD Superintendent.  READ MORE...
Receive Important Texts and Emails from Castleberry Schools
Castleberry ISD is excited to announce the launch of a new service that will enhance communications to our families by allowing the district to send important information via Text Messaging. The district will use text messaging to provide information that is timely, relevant, and for emergency situations.  READ MORE...
Give a Tip to Crime Stoppers
If you are interested in helping your school, the district, and local Crime Stoppers enforcement keep your school and the surrounding community safe, there is a way you can take personal responsibility. Join other schools and school districts in Tarrant County as they make a difference by going to  READ MORE...
Inclement Weather or Other Emergencies
During inclement weather or other emergencies, citizens should tune in to these stations concerning school closings: KXAS Television-Channel 5 WFAA Television-Channel 8 FOX4-Channel 4 WBAP 820AM Radio KLTY 94.9FM Radio  READ MORE...
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