CISD Board of Education Member Retires
  Tracy Gallman, Retired CISD Board MemberThe 2015-2016 CISD Board of Education recognized Tracy Gallman for her 12 years of service on the Board. Tracy Gallman joined the Board of Trustees as a parent and active member of the community on May 9, 2002. She had previously served on campus PTOs, Site-Based committees, Athletic Boosters, and the District Education Improvement Committee. From the beginning of her Board service, she was informed and engaged. Tracy served as a school board officer several times during her tenure.

During Ms. Gallman’s 12 years of loyal service on the Board of Education, she was persistent about the Board’s vision and policies, and genuinely supportive of Castleberry’s most important question: What is best for the students of our district? During her Board service, she participated in the development of the Master Strategic Plan, including the Maintenance and Construction Plan, and the Replacement Plan that is still in use today.

In Castleberry ISD, when someone serves for at least 10 years and retires, the district presents them with a rocking chair engraved with his or her name and years of service. Tracy Gallman was presented with this special gift on behalf of the Board of Education and the CISD community, in appreciation of her years of service. This gift also included an attached family tree to be filled out as the chair is passed down from generation to generation.

Join us in congratulating and thanking Tracy Gallman for her years of service to Castleberry ISD.

A.V. Cato and Castleberry Elementary Schools Attack Cyberbully Early
Posted on 10/02/2015
Though access to the Internet and social media can be beneficial to education and the social lives of students, it can also be another, and even more damaging, source of bullying. Keeping students, parents, and the community vigilant about preventing cyberbullying is an ongoing  READ MORE...
Castleberry ISD 5th Graders Connect with iPad Minis
Posted on 09/25/2015
Jessica Batchko, CISD Elementary Technology Coach, led the team that successfully completed the 5th Grade iPad Mini Implementation. This project gave all 5th graders atCastleberry ISD the ability to be assigned use of an iPad  READ MORE...
Castleberry High School Homecoming
Posted on 09/11/2015
The annual Castleberry High School Homecoming activities are on schedule. The Homecoming Parade is scheduled for Thursday, September 10 at 6:30 PM. The community always looks forward to seeing floats and vehicles featuring local police and firefighters, area businesses, student clubs and athletes, the CHS Marching Band  READ MORE...
Castleberry ISD Back to School Information
Posted on 09/04/2015
Welcome back to the 2015-2016 school year! There is much to look forward to and celebrate at Castleberry ISD. Need information on getting to school, lunch prices, or other information? Here are web site links to get all the information you  READ MORE...
Receive Important Texts and Emails from Castleberry Schools
Castleberry ISD is excited to announce the launch of a new service that will enhance communications to our families by allowing the district to send important information via Text Messaging. The district will use text messaging to provide information that is timely, relevant, and for emergency situations.  READ MORE...
Give a Tip to Crime Stoppers
If you are interested in helping your school, the district, and local Crime Stoppers enforcement keep your school and the surrounding community safe, there is a way you can take personal responsibility. Join other schools and school districts in Tarrant County as they make a difference by going to  READ MORE...
Inclement Weather or Other Emergencies
During inclement weather or other emergencies, citizens should tune in to these stations concerning school closings: KXAS Television-Channel 5 WFAA Television-Channel 8 FOX4-Channel 4 WBAP 820AM Radio KLTY 94.9FM Radio  READ MORE...
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