News & Events
The Castleberry Independent School District strives to provide the finest education to our students. Through this learning process, we prepare our students to be lifelong learners in our diverse, changing world and competitive workplace.  more
Castleberry Independent School District uses a strategic planning process. The district plan covers a five year period, with annual review and revision. Innovative Research Teams develop goals and objectives that, when approved by the Board of Education, form the basis for the district improvement plan.  more
Student and Staff success is valued and recognized at CISD. Periodically the Superintendent will send out short announcements to staff and the community, we call them 20 Second Celebrations.   more
The district continues its commitment to employee success through our Employee Recognition Program. Recognition events held throughout the year include Superintendent's Breakfast. Each six weeks at the Superintendent's Breakfast, employees are selected by their peers and were honored with a certificate and special gift.  more