Communications from Citizens

Board Meeting Information

The Board of Education meets once a month for Regular Board Meetings that are typically scheduled on the second Monday of each month.

Meeting dates and times are subject to change. Special meetings, workshops, and public hearings are scheduled as needed. Board of Education meetings are held in the boardroom at the Gary S. Jones Administration Building, 5228 Ohio Garden Road.

The public may register to address the Board of Education during regular Board meetings in the Superintendent's Office, 5228 Ohio Garden Road, 817-252-20004. At regular meetings, the Board will allot 30 minutes to hear persons who desire to make comments to the Board. Persons who wish to participate in this portion of the meeting must sign up in the Superintendent's office no later than 1:00 p.m. on the business day prior to the meeting and shall indicate the topic about which they wish to speak. No presentation may exceed three minutes. Delegation of more than five persons must appoint one person to present their views before the Board. If more than ten persons sign up to speak, the time will be divided equally among those who have signed up to speak. No speaker will be permitted to yield unused time to another speaker. (BED LOCAL Policy)