PACE for Learning

Promoting Achievement for Castleberry Excellence – or PACE

Castleberry ISD offers the PACE Saturday program for students ten Saturdays during the spring semester starting in January. The district’s dedicated team of educators and administrators are opening campus for accelerated instruction from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM (AVC, CE, JJA, IMMS) or 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (CHS) on the identified Saturdays for students who are invited to attend for additional support or are required to receive additional instruction.

PACE Saturdays are invitation only to ensure limited class sizes. Students are provided personalized and accelerated instruction. It is imperative the district and parents work together to ensure students have every opportunity to accelerate their learning. Please contact your child's campus for additional information.

Who is PACE for?

The PACE program is by invitation only. Students may be invited to attend based on the following criteria: 

  • A student who regularly attends school, but isn’t learning at the pace they previously did.

  • A student who regularly attends school, but has fallen behind. 

  • A student who did not meet expectations on a STAAR/EOC assessment and is required to receive accelerated instruction per HB4545.

  • A student who is performing on grade level but could benefit from additional support to reach Meets or Masters on STAAR. 

  • High School: Student is behind on credits and is not currently on track to be classified on grade level next school year ( Example: current sophomore who will continue to be classified as a sophomore next year unless credit recovery occurs)

  • High School: Student is not on track to receive credit for currently enrolled courses due to a lack of attendance. (Example: Student may have a passing grade in a class but has not met the minimum attendance requirements and will have to retake the class regardless of a passing grade unless he/she makes up the attendance)

  • High School: Student is not on track to earn their CCMR credit and must complete Texas College Bridge (completion leads to TSIA waiver).

Campus PACE Administrators

For more information on the PACE program or to sign up for PACE Saturdays, contact the PACE Administrator for the campus.