Senior Awards Ceremony 2021

CHS Class of 2021 Earns Over $3 Million in Scholarships
Posted on 05/26/2021
CHS Senior Awards Ceremony class of 2021 with graphic

On Tuesday, May 25, in front of friends, family, peers and community members, students in the Castleberry High School Class of 2021 were honored for academic achievements and community service during the annual Senior Awards Ceremony. The afternoon recognized the top ten graduates, military enlistees, and others. Awards and scholarships were presented to students for contributions, and accomplishments in many programs including the National Technical Honor Society, DECA, National Art Honor Society, and International Thespian Society. Other students were commended for their perfect attendance and participation with Carter Blood Care. 

This year’s graduating class has currently earned more than $3 million in scholarships and the list keeps growing as more recipients are announced. This class has collectively received more scholarship money than any previous graduating class at Castleberry High School. 

Each of the students comprising the top ten in the class scholastically have been awarded partial or full-tuition scholarships to the academic institution each plans to attend in the fall. 

Valedictorian Kaitlin S. will attend Rhodes College with all tuition paid through the accumulation of multiple scholarships both privately funded and university sponsored. She will pursue a degree in the field of medicine. 

Salutatorian Laura C. is attending Texas Tech University on a full-tuition scholarship. She will complete the required courses she needs in order to apply to dental school. 

Adrian H. has received a full-tuition scholarship to University of North Texas where he will study biology. He plans to attend med school after completing his undergraduate degree. Adrian earned his Associates degree from Tarrant County College this spring, and is on track to graduate from UNT in spring of 2022. 

Hector M. will have his entire University of Texas at El Paso tuition paid for through university scholarships and additional funds awarded through the Army Reserves. He plans to major in business. 

Noah H. will attend University of Texas at Arlington and will major in computer science. 

Arely E. has a full ride to San Angelo State University with multiple scholarship offers. In addition, she was offered a $150,000 scholarship to TCU, but declined the offer since she chose to attend San Angelo State University to study finance.

Daniela L. is attending University of Texas at Arlington and plans to study architecture. 

Luis I. has been awarded $4,000 a year to attend the  University of Texas at Arlington. He plans to pursue a degree in information technology. 

Alejandra A. is attending Tarrant County College Stars of Tomorrow financial program with an annual scholarship of  $4,000.. 

Arlene H. will attend Texas Tech University and major in accounting with her full tuition covered through multiple scholarships. 

In addition to the top ten graduating seniors in Castleberry High School’s class of 2021, other members of the class fared well with scholarship and grant awards. 

Charles S. will attend McPherson College for athletics with full tuition covered through athletic awards and additional scholarships.

Texas Wesleyan University will add Haley B., Luis B., and Diego R. to their student body. Each will have tuition covered by athletic, scholastic, and other scholarships.

On Thursday, May 27, at 7:30 PM, the community of River Oaks will organize a parade to honor the graduating class. 

Senior graduation festivities will conclude on Friday, May 28th at the graduation commencement. The ceremony will be held at Southwestern Theological Seminary MacGorman Auditorium in Fort Worth at 7:30 PM.