Math Acceleration Nominations

Math Acceleration Nominations
Posted on 05/18/2020
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Math acceleration is a process through which a student is assessed in math skills and knowledge, achievement accessed and where appropriate, students are placed in the appropriate grade level in math beyond their enrolled grade level. Review the information below and complete the Nomination Form by June 12th, 2020 to nominate your child for Math Acceleration at Castleberry ISD.


Math Acceleration is created for students who consistently exhibit both process and critical thinking skills beyond the norm. Also, students should exhibit mathematical skills beyond rote memorization or basic computation.


  • Achievement (iStation) 95th percentile
  • Mathematics average 95+ on report card
  • District Achievement data (Benchmarks)
  • STAAR Mastery
  • Assessing Math Concepts monitoring
  • Teacher Feedback

Social Emotional Student Considerations

  • My child accepts change well.
  • My child enjoys being academically challenged.
  • My child is comfortable working with students older than his/her age.
  • My child is comfortable leaving his/her classroom/campus environment and entering a new classroom/campus.
  • My child desires to be accelerated.
  • My child is comfortable asking for help from the teacher when necessary.
  • My child has strong academic behaviors, including organization, time management, and collaboration with others.
  • My child has a maturity level that would allow for him/her to be successful with above conditions/factors.

Parent Understandings

  • There may be periods of productive struggle.
  • Students will remain in the math class which they are assigned to for the entire year.
  • Students will complete assignments and be assessed as all students are in the math class they are assigned.
  • Additional emotional support and encouragement from home is an important component of student success.
  • Communication from the parent to the math teacher will facilitate a strong school home partnership.
  • Math concepts and skills will be significantly higher than what students have experienced.
  • Peers in the class, for the most part, will be older.