IMMS Topping Off Ceremony

IMMS Topping Off Ceremony
Posted on 11/22/2019
A group of students standing with the signed beam for the new IMMS Fine Arts wing

Earlier this month, students from Irma Marsh Middle School were invited by BTC (the construction company currently working at Irma Marsh) to participate in what is known as a "topping off" ceremony. A topping off ceremony is a builder's tradition to celebrate the placing of the last beam in a new construction build. It was time for the last beam to be placed in the new IMMS Fine Arts wing, so students, administration, the Superintendent of Schools, BTC Construction, WRA Architects, and veteran teachers who have spent many years at IMMS, all came together to sign the beam!

After everyone had put their mark on the beam and donned their hard hats, they were able to go inside of the new addition and watch as the crane placed the last beam into the new Fine Arts wing. Everyone was enthralled watching this exciting event take place. The group was equally excited to see the inside of the new Science wing and the STEAM labs that will be unveiled to the rest of the school soon.

The students, teachers, and administrators were very honored to have been invited to participate in this historic event. Everyone at IMMS is looking forward to experiencing the new spaces that WRA Architects has designed so carefully with students in mind and BTC Construction has worked tirelessly to build.