School Board Appreciation Month 2020

School Board Appreciation Month 2020
Posted on 01/10/2020
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The task of educating more than 5.4 million Texas students can seem overwhelming. The idea of 5.4 million young minds relying on us to provide what they will need to succeed in their ever-unfolding future can feel insurmountable. But when we were children, the adults in our world provided for us, and now it is our turn to provide for today's students.

Educating children is a complex and demanding responsibility: ensuring that schools are available, qualified teachers are in place, buildings are safe, and resources are provided. It's a responsibility that locally elected board members generously accept. They commit to read reports, learn the laws, understand the community's needs, set thoughtful goals, and wisely handle the district's financial resources.

But it isn't just a simple commitment. Serving as a locally elected board member means going through an election and making difficult decisions for the district, its employees, and its children. It means being available to hear from concerned parents in the grocery store, at the game, or over the backyard fence. It means committing to the time it takes to do the job right. In Texas, there is no pay for school board members, and there are training requirements, creating further demands on their time. 

Fortunately, in every community, caring adults have signed on for the responsibility and hard work of making our schools the best they can be. They immerse themselves in learning what they need to know to make good decisions that will provide for students, from the very youngest to the graduating senior. Trustees are public servants who generously work to benefit the most vulnerable members of each community.

Take a moment to recognize your local trustees. Take a moment to honor the work they are doing to help your students blast off into the future. Take a moment to say thank you for the work school board members are doing on your behalf.

The Castleberry ISD will join 1,025 school districts throughout Texas to celebrate January as School Board Recognition Month. "Our school board members are volunteers who shoulder critical responsibilities and often make difficult choices for our district, all without pay. Their goal is always focused on the future success of the children in our district," Dr. John Ramos, Superintendent, said. "Celebrating School Board Recognition Month is one way to say thanks for all they do."

Serving as a link between the community and the classroom, school board members are elected to establish the policies that provide the framework for public schools. The Castleberry board is responsible for an annual budget of $45 million, 3,649 students, 579 employees, and 6 campuses. Join us in thanking our school board members.

  • David Holder- Board President, 18 years of service
  • Kenneth Romo- Board Vice President, 8 years of service
  • Mary Lou Martinez- Board Secretary, 15 years of service
  • Doug Lee- Board Member, 22 years of service
  • W.E. "Bill" Seybold- Board Member, 14 years of service
  • Cathy Gatica- Board Member, 6 years of service
  • Dewey Taliaferro- Board Member, 4 years of service