CISD Volunteer Program

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The Castleberry ISD Volunteer Program serves to enhance the educational experience of both students and staff through the inclusion of well-trained volunteers that strive to support the district mission and make a difference in Castleberry ISD.

Lend a helping hand…

Castleberry ISD is looking for volunteers to work in a variety of volunteer positions throughout the district. Do you have some extra time to on your hands? We are interested in talking to you! 

For more information on the Castleberry ISD Volunteer Program, please contact Nancy Loven at 817-252-2000, or one of the following Campus Volunteer Coordinators.

 Volunteer Coordinators

Castleberry High School:


Cameron Burton and Rogelio Guajardo

 A. V. Cato Elementary School:  

Jessica Owens


Castleberry Elementary School:   


Roxie Tavera and Ashley Gilbreath


Joy James Elementary School:


Virginia Garcia and Astrid Orozco


TRUCE Learning Center
and REACH High School:


Dr. Pascal Licciardi


Irma Marsh Middle School:


Judy Pastusek

 Fine Arts Department:

Veronica Rocha