District Leadership

Leadership Teams
Superintendent's Cabinet
The Superintendent's Cabinet consists of Assistant Superintendents, and Executive Directors.  The cabinet meets once or twice a month following school board meetings to follow-up on board related issues and needs.   

Administrative Leadership Team
The Administrative Leadership Team consists of Assistant Superintendents, Executive Directors, Directors and Principals in the district.  This team meets monthly to plan, address school issues, review school policy and address needs as directed.

District Education Improvement Committee
The District Education Improvement Committee is Castleberry ISD's site based decision-making body for the district. Meetings are held five times a year. The members review and make recommendations about issues such as Student Handbook and Code of Conduct, school calendar, professional development and budgeting. Committee membership consists of parents, community members and staff. 

School Health Advisory Committee
The role of the council is to assist the District in ensuring that local community values and health issues are reflected in the District’s health education instruction.  The committee is responsible for making recommendations to the district in the following areas: Number of hours of instruction in health education. Curriculum appropriate for grade levels designed to prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease, and type II diabetes. Grade levels and methods of instruction for sexuality instruction, sexuality transmitted disease,  human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or acquired immune deficiency (AIDS).  Integrating health related curriculum with the following areas: school health services, counseling and guidance, safe and healthy school environment and school employee wellness. The Committee consists of parents, one or more district administrators, teachers, students, healthcare professionals, and community members including representatives of various community organizations.  The SHAC meets a minimum of four times a year. 

Site Based Teams
Each school has a campus improvement team that serves as the site based decision-making body for that campus.  This group is responsible for developing the Campus Improvement Plan.  Committee membership consists of parents, community members and staff.

Student Advisory Councils
There are two student advisory councils in our district:  high school and middle school.  Each council consists of student representatives from each campus.   The councils meet with the campus Principal and provide input into decisions that affect the secondary students in our district. The Superintendent will attend both Student Advisory Council meetings.