IV. Instructional Services

The mission of the Instructional Services department is to maintain effective partnerships with our campuses and teachers, so that all students may achieve their greatest possible potential. 

The Priorities of the Instructional Services Department are Curriculum, Instruction, Professional Learning, Career and Technology, Family Engagement and Federal Programs. 

The Professional Learning Plan consists of an aligned and integrated approach to enhancing the quality of teaching and learning, developing educators’ professional thinking and practice, and raising student achievement

CISD provides opportunities through a rigorous Career and Technology (CTE) program for all students in 9th - 12th grades. 

CISD recognizes the benefits of family engagement in our schools.  Parents are the primary influence in their child's lives.  

Public Law 107-110 was enacted to provide federal funds to close the achievement gap and improve academic achievement of the disadvantaged, so that no child is left behind. 

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