I. Strategic Plan Introduction

The Castleberry ISD 2016-2021 Strategic Plan is the result of months of work by our community and educators, district administration, and the Board of Education. As you read through this document, you will find that the strategic plan is all about mutual commitments and expectations for all stakeholders.

Strategic planning is a recognized best practice in accelerating an organization and keeping it on an upward trajectory. This strategic plan will provide us with focus and direction for the next five years and position us to make continued progress into the future. This will be critical given our limited resources in the face of increasing academic standards.

When we all work together to implement the components of this strategic plan which are innovative, aggressive and bold—we can chose achievement gaps and graduate all of our students on-time and prepare them for college, career and life in a highly changing and competitive world.

I look forward to sharing my commitment to the expectations established in this strategic plan with all stakeholders of Castleberry ISD.