Student Teaching Opportunities

Student Teaching Placement/Observation Process:

Step 1:  Completed Request Form

The Student Teaching Placement/Observation Request Form must be completed by the University/Alternative Certification Program Director/Coordinator.

Step 2:  Completed Criminal Background Check Form

The Criminal History Record/Background Check Information Authorization form must be completed by the student teacher.

Step 3:  Submit Forms

Submit the completed forms to the CISD Talent Acquisitions office at 5228 Ohio Garden Road, Fort Worth, TX 76114. We do require a copy of your Driver's License. 

Step 4:  Confirmation Will Be Sent

Once your information has been received and the background check has been cleared, an email will be sent to the principal(s) with your information. You will receive confirmation from our office and you may then contact the principal to arrange your observation time.

Contact Information:

Castleberry ISD Talent Acquisition
5228 Ohio Garden, Fort Worth, TX 76114
Phone: 817-252-2001
Fax:  817-252-2099